If you would like Originate to design your wedding stationery, here is what's involved;

1) Consultation - this can be done via email, phone or in person to determine any style or ideas you may have as well as discuss your needs and requirements

2) Originate will formulate a quote based on the first consultation

3) The quote is signed off on, and a 50% deposit will be required to commence any work. A time schedule will then be determined. This schedule is a timeline of the entire design process, and will indicate when information is required and when stages are to be completed.

4) Design concept and development of invitation - At this stage we will determine wording, colours, fonts, stock and other materials, as well as design and assembly. We will provide up to 3 mock-ups of designs.

5) The final design is chosen and Originate will provide a mock-up as a proof. Proof reading is the client's responsibility, and any additional revisions to the design after this stage will be charged to the client. Once the final design of the invitation is approved, we will then design the remaining stationery suite around this design.

6) Sign-off - the final design is approved and signed off, then printing and assembly of the stationery is commenced.

7) Delivery



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